Blanche Ingram: Father and Yappers Involved in a Carriage Raid

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  • Published : April 15, 2008
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When Blanche Ingram was young she was a very happy child, she had two loving parents and a beautiful baby sister as well as a small ragamuffin of a dog named yappers. When Blanche was seven her father and yappers were involved in a carriage raid and were mercilessly slaughtered by some bandits.

Blanche was devastated.
After the funeral many secrets of Mr. Ingrams finances were unveiled. Mr. Ingram was an avid gambler and loved the rush of watching a horse race down a track or watching two dogs fight to the death. In the end he love it too much for he gambled away everything. ( making it even more imperative that Blanche merry a wealthy man to pay off debtors that her father so kindly left to her. Also to maintain the expensive taste of her mother and herself)

As Blanche got older she became obsessed with her looks and perceptions of others, she made sure not never let anyone know that they were poor. ( Even though the family had a nice home, all of the maids and servants had to be sent away and the furniture had to be sold to help maintain the image)

Because of Mr. Ingrams’ death Blanche was desperate to once again have the love of a man. She soon found it in a young soldier. He made her heart beet faster and slower at the same time and made her feel beautiful. Later he was called to fight in the war against the Americans and was killed in the enemies arms. After the loss of her second love Blanche became cold wanton and even more anxious. She stole any man who seemed to have a heavy pocket book.

At one point in time Blanche thought of leaving all the stress of trying to merry behind and become a governess until Mrs. Ingram ( in a whisky infested rage) beat the idea out of her. Mrs. Ingram told Blanche if she wanted to become a governess she could plan to eat off the street, ,or she would do as she was told and merry well off.

Blanche was on the prowl.
She built a stone wall around her once soft heart and began to head her mothers...
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