Blanc Industry: Eco-Friendly Shoes Known as Kickbacks

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Traditional footwear manufacturing uses environmentally harmful materials such as chromium tanned leather, synthetic rubbers, and petroleum based chemicals. The disposal of these harmful materials during production produces large amounts of toxic pollutants, which can negatively impact natural ecosystems as well as human health. Now more than ever, clients are looking for a green label on a product. With green initiatives increasing in popularity, companies that are selling green products are seeing great success. Here at Blanc Industry, we see the larger value of going green relates to maintaining the health of the environment. Our goal is to utilize sustainable methods that can prevent the waste of natural resources. We are committed to sustainable development by creating eco-friendly bowling shoes made from recycled and natural materials. These eco-friendly shoes are known as “Kickbacks.” We chose the brand name “Kickbacks” because it symbolizes our goal of kicking back on environmentally harmful materials. “Kickbacks” are made up of several green attributes, which include; reused tires, hemp, organic cotton, vegetable tanned leather. When ordering online, we offer customers minimal packaging to exclude the box within a box packing. In addition, our footwear is packaged in boxes made of 100% recycled paper. All shoe exchanges are to be returned in the original box they were shipped in to preserve resources. In tough times, consumers are looking for green products and good deals. Group discounts are a great way to familiarize consumers with Kickbacks, especially bowling teams. When someone gets a great deal they usually tell someone else about it. This is a cheap way to expose our product to consumers by letting word of mouth do the marketing for us. Nowadays, natural materials are expensive because demand has grown much more quickly then supply. Sustainability will become more important down the road as more companies become eco-friendly and the price on...
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