Blame the Parents

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Blame The Parents
In the short story, “Too Early Spring”, a sophomore boy named Charles tells the story of his first love, Helen Sharon. Charles and Helen were in love with each other, but “weren’t mushy either, like some people” (p. 3). They were okay with spending time together only when it was convenient with their schedules. One week, their activities were cancelled and they “drove way out in the country” (p. 3). The young couple stumbled upon an old house and went inside. The scene that takes place in the abandoned house is very significant to their relationship in the story, because it shows the influence their parents and their relationships have on the kids.

When Charles and Helen are in the old house in the country, they “pretended it was [their] house, after [they] were married” (p. 3). They pretend to have kids and they talk about things they think they would say if they were older. Charles and Helen hear their parents talking, and think that’s what adults talk about. Helen suggests that Charles listen to the stock market reports “just like Mrs. Sharon” (p. 4). Charles, pretending to be an adult, responds with a line just “like [his] Father” (p. 4). He thinks that the man of the house should be criticizing the government and economy, based off of what he hears his father saying every night in their house. In Helen’s house, if Mr. Sharon were to complain about the economy, Mrs. Sharon would become upset. This is why, after Charles comment, Helen “lowered her eyes a minute, just like her mother, and pushed away her plate” (p. 4). Charles doesn’t like the way she reacts because it was “too much like her mother” (p. 4). Charles doesn’t want the relationship that Helen’s parents have, because they are so dysfunctional. With Mrs. Sharon as an influence for Helen, Helen is going to act cold towards her husband just like her mother is. Charles realizes she is being just like her mother and he started to feel “awfully funny. [He] felt as if [he] were going...
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