Blair Water Purifiers India

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Blair Water Purifiers India

strategic marketing planning process

Presented by :

Reham Mohamed Moustafa

Yara Shahwan

Dian Zorkany

Rania Zeid

Tarek Zeid

Strategic analysis

➢ The Audit Stage

➢ Scanning the External Macro environment

➢ Political legal

➢ Economic factors

➢ Sociocultural factors

➢ Technological factors

➢ Scanning the internal and external micro environment

➢ Internal-environment analysis

➢ External microenvironment analyses

➢ Demand forecast

➢ End Users needs

➢ Factors affecting consumer behavior

➢ Consumer buying decision process

➢ Competition analysis

➢ The market sales chart in 1996

➢ The product mapping technique

➢ Weighted competitive strength assessment

➢ SWOT analysis
➢ TOWS analysis

➢ Setting objectives

➢ Setting Strategies

➢ Our suggestions

➢ Porter Generic Strategies

➢ Mckinsey matrix

➢ Ansoff Growth Strategy

➢ Segmentation

➢ Targeting

➢ Positioning

➢ Entry Strategy recommended

Strategic analysis:

Strategic planning precedes marketing planning by providing a framework within marketing plan might be formulated.

Based on the assessment of:

1.Organizational capabilities

2.Threats from environmental forces

3.Competitor’s strength and weaknesses

4.Customers’ needs


This must be done through the following steps:

The Audit Stage

Step one: Scanning the External Macro environment:

Any marketing strategy must develop out of a detailed understanding of the environment.

This is important to:

Identify organization’s strategic position.

Decide on the future of the organization.

Matching organizational resources and capabilities

For scanning external environment we should use the PEST model, as it will scan the whole external environment to give management clues about strategic decisions [pic]


Chatterjee analysis in the two visits was centred only on the urban cities neglecting the rural ones and this is a drawback as the rural cities in India count for around 80% of the population, his purpose was to make recommendations on market entry and on elements of entry strategy.

Political legal:

• Chaterrjie confirmed that India is attractive to foreign investment through liberalization

• Foreign companies were taxed on income arising from Indian operations and pay taxes on any interest, dividends and royalties received

• The government offer favourable tax treatment if foreign investors will locate on one of the free zones

• Tax rate is higher than the USA, however the return on investment is higher than USA

• Trademarks and patents were protected in India

• Legislation in India was expensive and protracted that foreign firms prefer arbitration

Our suggested improvements and comments:

He should have analyzed the following:

• Monopolies legislation: to hedge against any monopolistic actions that may appear in the future

• Environmental protection law

• Employment law and this is important if the market entry will be joint venture or acquisition

Economic factors:

Chatterjee analysis completely missing the economic factors, as he didn’t analyze the Indian economy in any way

He should have analyzed the following:

• Interest rates

• Inflation rate

• Business cycles

• Unemployment rates

• Disposable incomes

As these factors are important to give insights about the economic conditions and the economic growth for the next years so as to know whether the market is potential for entry or not

Sociocultural factors:

Chaterjee identified his target market to be around 40 million households and he identified their needs and behaviour, but...
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