Blair Water Purifiers India

Topics: Investment, India, Water purification Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: May 1, 2008
Blair Company Inc. was founded by Eugene Blair in 1975. The company’s mission is to provide equipment that will meet the needs of its target market in terms of filtration and purification of water for having high quality water. As part of the organisational goal, the company is also aiming to enter international market to be able to be known in both local and international level and position itself in the global competition. As part of the geographic expansion of the company, they are trying to produce innovative products to meet future needs in terms of water purification and filtration. Rahul Chatterjee, one of the company's international market liaisons, had made two fact-finding trips to India to survey the Indian market and competition for home water filters and purifiers, and the foreign investment issues in India. Based on these findings, he had to evaluate the feasibility of launching the Company's own "Delight" home purifier in the Indian market. After several researches and analysis made on the data obtained, he provided his recommendations on the appropriate entry strategy for the Indian market.


The Indian market is large and expected to grow over three-fold in the coming five years. Nearly 85% of population is not being reached by any competitor. Very low labor costs and central location could enable export to other lesser-developed countries. Indian customers are favorable toward Western products, and also Indian government is actively seeking foreign investors. Quality of Blair’s product appears superior to competitors’ Indian introduction will be consistent with firm’s objectives required investment is low. From the analysis made by Chatterjee and the Indian research agencies, is easy to identify the main problem in the high level of competition. In fact the main Indian competitors, Eureka Forbes, Ion Exchange, Singer, had obtained a good position on the market. The first one with its water purifiers Aquaguard...
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