Blade Runner Mirror

Topics: Blade Runner, Replicant, Science fiction film Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: February 14, 2013
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Jamie Gros
Professor Charpentier
English 102
4 February 2013
The science fiction film Blade Runner is about cinematic vision. In the beginning of the film, a difference between the lens and mirror is shown. A close up of an eye is shown with flames which symbolizes the camera that has just shot the scene. Eye imagery occurs throughout the movie being the film’s obsessive exploration of the theme. The protagonist, Rick Deckard uses an “Esper machine,” a high tech apparatus, to dissect a photo left by a replicant ( read: a clone). This Esper machine can interpret any photo as if you were within it. It allows for a photo to show in three dimensions. The Esper machine finds the replicant within the photo and Rick is able to track her down. Mirrors are a common element in painting; they function as a reflection of the nature of the piece. They allow for us to see all parts of the scene. With the Esper machine, it breaks down the photo so we can see all of what was captured in that moment the photo was taken, giving it more detail. Because the machine plays out old information rather than new, it is more of a mirror than a lens. The article asks “Is the camera’s eye a lens or a mirror?(66)” Throughout the article, the question is answered and the answer gets questioned again. We are given an insight as to why the question can be answered as either lens or mirror. Even though the article is lengthy, it is descriptive and kept to a point.

Gros 2
The article explains the concept of the movie almost perfectly. It also allows us to understand the use of such imagery within films. The camera eye is determined to be either a mirror or lens. With it being a mirror, we are able to see a previous happening, rather than it being a current event as a lens would work. When we see the mirror in the photo, we can look around it and see what has happened as it allows us to see both front and back of whatever action had occurred at that point in time,...
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