Blade Runner Frankenstein Speech

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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Would you agree that Frankenstein offers a spirit of hope and redemption?

Well yes the spirit of optimism is exposed through Frankenstein’s didactic encounter with the character Walton and the sense of redemption is conveyed through Frankenstein’s acknowledgement of the atrocities he has bestowed upon humanity due to his immoral actions regarding science. What about Blade Runner?

C – Well I think we see that Tyrell in Blade Runner displays no acknowledgment for his malevolent actions and we as an audience are positioned to heed the conceited consequences of human nature. However, a cathartic development is present where we see the characters Deckard and Rachel escape the desolate city life to perhaps prosper in a brighter future.

J – Both texts are counter-cultural to their context, challenging humanity’s rampant pursuit of scientific progress whilst dismissive of the moral framework that should temper it.

C – Yes, well Frankenstein was created in a time when the evolution of science prospered, Luigi Galvani dealt with the contraction of a muscle stimulated by an electrical current. Shelley critiques the creative arrogance of the Romantic imagination to fabricate a Gothic state in which the protagonist abandons ethical paradigm for glory.

J – Definitely. Her warning of the atrocities that follow is encapsulated with Victor’s phrase – “how dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge”, Shelley’s circular epistolary form reflects Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner and the encounter between Victor and Walton due to the equivalent theme for the fervent pursuit of knowledge and the destructive nature of egotistical adventures.

C – Yeah well Frankenstein’s words - “But I, the true murderer, felt the nerve dying worm alive in my bosom, which allowed of no hope or consolidation”, also indicates the temperament of culpability on his conscience.

J - Furthermore, her allusions to Milton’s Paradise Lost evoke the poetic retelling of Satan’s fall from grace...
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