Blade Runner Anaylisation

Topics: Natural environment, Nature, Natural resource Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: November 27, 2010
I completely and utterly agree with the above statement that Blade Runner has introduced modern audiences with profound questions that are meaningful due to the environment context of the 21st century. Blade Runner introduces audiences with three profound questions that are relevant to the modern context of society, which we have already seen take place. Blade Runner introduces the topic of human’s responsibility to the environment through the presentation of a futuristic dystopia (opposite of utopia “perfect society” therefore meaning “imperfect society”) in Los Angeles 2019, nine years from now! Blade Runner apprehends the ideas that futuristic technology will only be a means of commerce, causing the unethical and immoral practices of science which can clearly be seen as a major issue in modern technological advancements even though technology has not evolved to the high standards perceived in Blade Runner. Finally Blade Runner introduces the most profound question what is humanity? And what does it take to be classified and ultimately treated as a human? The film Blade Runner explores the theme of human’s responsibility to the environment through the presentation of a futuristic dystopia of Los Angles 2019. This is significant to modern audiences through the presentation of a war torn, dark and over populated globalised city of Los Angeles of 2019 caused by humans abrogating (ending the responsibility) their responsibility to the natural environment which is a complete paradox of the modern sunny Los Angeles. The opening scene of Blade Runner begins uses a high-low angles shot allowing a overview of the developed city of Los Angeles where only artificial light, lights the black background of the night sky, this establishing shot shows enormous balls or fire exploding into the night sky from towering chimneys producing pollution which can be seen clear through the black background. Through this overview of the city we are unable to see any natural resources...
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