Blade Runner Analysis

Topics: Blade Runner, Tyrell Corporation, Replicant Pages: 4 (1510 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Blade Runner Analysis

To analyze the movie “Blade Runner” I started by watching the film (I had already seen it several times in the past) and then re-watching to analyze various scenes as well as get a more overall reaction to the work as a whole. The following analysis is more freestyle (based upon the notes I took while watching the film more closely the second time through) and my thoughts about the work as a whole will follow.

Opening scene of a technological metropolis, but the fireballs and flames give a hellish aspect to the scene. The constant rain also gives it a very dark and foreboding feel, and the presence of people everywhere (even as billboards on the buildings) gives this world a crowded oppressive feel.

Eyes tend to play a large role in this motion picture, both as a way to test for humanity (the test given to potential replicants) as well as in many more subtle ways (the police officer – James Edward Almos character – has unnaturally blue eyes, indicating that he sees things differently than others; Tyrell, the creator of the replicants, has less than perfect vision, but he makes up for this with large glasses, showing technology enhancing his abilities; they appear again in the genetics lab where Roy and Leon question Chew about Tyrell, with his specialty being the design of eyes; the bartender that gives Deckard a drink after he “retires” Salome is wearing an eye patch; etc.). There are also other images that lend themselves to sight and seeing, such as the Tyrell Corporation being in a large pyramid (reminiscent of the all Seeing Eye of the Freemasons, and the presence of birds of prey in Tyrell’s offices (birds typically known for their keen eyesight).

The overhead, brightly decorated blimp announces to those beneath it that a “golden land” awaits in the off world colonies (an allusion to heaven, starting over, etc.). Once Deckard is picked up at the café and taken to the chiefs office, I was struck by the contrast of the...
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