Blacks Are Not All Living in Poverty

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Kelli Frazier
February 12, 2007
Mrs. Lugo
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Blacks Are Not All Living in Poverty

The color of your skin should not determine your status in today’s society; the type of employment you can or cannot get; or the level of education that you can obtain. Men and women that are living in or below the poverty line in the black community and are constantly being judged and criticized due to their income, type of family and if they are married. Though many struggle, they can not all fit into one category as to why they are poor. According to Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s report, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action,” blacks are living in poverty and barely digging their way out. There is a struggle in every race and poverty is certainly not just a problem for blacks. There is not one solution for blacks to stay out of poverty. Moynihan states that poverty in the black communities would decrease if men had jobs. “In the past, policymakers had assumed that if the male heads of household had jobs, women and children would be provided for.” (Article) A black man having a job is not going to automatically decrease poverty for the African American race. Poverty in society and the black community is due to lack of steady employment, wages that do not exceed the cost of living, lack of education for the better jobs, lack of financial budgeting, and creating a family environment that fosters the family to stay together as a secure unit. You must consider a person must have “a want to do better” attitude. There is not one solution to the problem. There are many single parent mothers who struggle to pay their bills, have several jobs and still live in poverty. Some women who live and raise children in low income areas can also be successful, even in a bad environment. This is the “want to do better” factor that propels them to do just that. Not only are blacks looked down upon for not having steady jobs and...
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