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Click assignment link Assignment Information Points Possible and View Rubric Assignment Files Submission, Attach File, and Comments

In the course area, click the assignment link to access the Upload Assignment page. Review the instructions and the date the assignment needs to be submitted by. View how much the assignment is worth and a scoring rubric, if made available by the instructor. Download one or more files attached by the instructor. In the Submission text box, students can type responses and use the Text Editor functions to format the text and include files, images, external links, multimedia, and Mashups. They may also attach one or more files by clicking Browse My Computer or Browse Course and locating the file or files to attach. Optionally, they may include comments pertaining to the submission. Students may save their responses and files, and return to edit their assignments at a later time. Students must click Submit to ensure completed assignments are submitted. A success message appears confirming the assignment submission.

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Creating Assignments

What You Need to Know
You can create assignments in Content Areas, Learning Modules, Lesson Plans, and folders. In an assignment, you can include a description, point value, and file attachments. You can deliver assignments to each student individually or as collaborative work for groups of students. As assignments are created, you will work in Edit Mode. When Edit Mode is ON, you can view and use all of the instructor functions.

Steps to Accomplish
1. In Edit Mode, access the course area where you want to create the assignment. 2. On the Action Bar, point to Assessments to access the drop-down list. 3. Select Assignment. 4. On the Create Assignment page, type a Name. Students click this name in the course area to access the assignment. 5. Optionally, type Instructions for the assignment. Format the text and include images, links, multimedia, Mashups, and attachments using the functions in the Text Editor, if needed. Clear concise instructions are necessary for student success. Include file naming conventions, due dates, and where to go for additional help. 6. Optionally, attach a file using Browse My Computer, Browse Course, or Browse Content Collection and type a Link Name. The Link Name appears in the course area. If you do not provide one, the file name is used as the link. 7. Type Points Possible. 8. Optionally, associate a rubric. 9. Select the options for delivering the assignment and make it available. 10. Click Submit. To access a single assignment attempt: 1. On the Control Panel, expand the Grade Center section and click Full Grade Center. NOTE: You can also access assignments on the Needs Grading page or in the default Assignments Smart View. You can access both options in the Grade Center section of the Control Panel. 2. In the Grade Center, locate the cell for the student’s assignment containing an exclamation mark. 3. Move the mouse pointer over the cell to see the Action Link and click it to access the contextual menu. 4. Select Attempt. The Grade Assignment page appears. To access all submissions for an assignment: 1. In the assignment’s column header, click the Action Link to access the contextual menu. 2. Select Grade Attempts. The Grade Assignment page appears.

Accessing Assignments for Grading

When you create an assignment, a grade column is created automatically in the Grade Center. This makes reviewing and grading assignment submissions in the Grade Center easy to accomplish. Assignments that have been submitted, but not graded, are...
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