Topics: Login, Blackboard Inc., WebCT Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Jaime Condori
Ms. Gonda
English 1551 10am
10 September 2012`
Nails to a Blackboard
On my Youngstown State ID user page there is a program for students to receive things from the instructors, whether it’s a syllabus or assignments, all these things are on a program known as Blackboard. Not all teachers use it, but since I’ve started I’ve had just over half a dozen instructors use Blackboard, and this semester more teachers are using it than ever. As of December 2010, Blackboard software and services are used by over 9,300 institutions in more than sixty countries. Although there are many people who do put their assignments and other essentials up on blackboard, there are too many flaws and far better alternatives than this program. Not to mention the great amount of teachers and even greater amount of students that would agree with this opinion. Blackboard feels like when it was put together it had everything in mind, the assignments, the announcements and updates. It had everything put into mind except for the user. If instructors are going to have a place to put their assignments, it should be a place that doesn’t give students a hindering experience from learning because that’s what’s most important, the students.

The many flaws that come with Blackboard starts with its design. Why is the design complicated if it was made for college students to navigate through? Starting out as a freshman, getting use to Blackboard will need to have a learning curve. Navigating through blackboard is tedious and needlessly time consuming. Don’t get this wrong, everything is there but it’s not always organized in a fashion that everything is easy to find. Also, it should be mentioned that Blackboard has the tendency to not work if there is a decent amount of people logged on all at once. This really isn’t a problem until it’s put into consideration that the amount of people who use Blackboard at the same time are usually around finals and mid-terms. This is a...
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