Blackberry vs Apple

Topics: Personal digital assistant, Mobile phone, IPhone Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: January 15, 2013
iPhone VS Blackberry

Nowadays, the mobile phone or the cell phone is one of the objects that people cannot live without. There are many brands and models for consumers to choose and each phone has different uniqueness and benefits. At this moment, iPhone and Blackberry seem to be the cell phone brands that are very hot. Even though they are both popular, iPhone is different from Blackberry in several ways, including appearances, functions and problems that will happen between using. Firstly, iPhone and Blackberry are different in appearances. Their sizes differ from each other indeed. iPhone is slimmer and easier to hold in one hand with size 4.5x2.3x0.31 inches. Blackberry with size 4.29x2.3x0.6 inches is thicker but shorter, so it is easy to slip out of hand. Besides, the keyboard is one of the differences between them. There is a virtual keyboard from touch-screen on iPhone which takes sometimes to use easily. In contrast, Blackberry has a QWERTY keyboard that is simplistic and quick in typing and writing like a computer keyboard. Due to the different keyboard, iPhone and Blackberry have different screens. The screen of iPhone is bigger and longer since it has full touch-screen. On the other hand, the screen of Blackberry is small since it has many buttons below the screen. Secondly, the function of iPhone and Blackberry are dissimilar. iPhone has a high level of technology. It has the most technologically advanced out any other mobile function system in the world. For example, Siri program is an intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done by ask the questions to it. Siri program can help you doing things faster and easier while you are doing other things. Furthermore, iTunes program is a media player and media library application used to play, download, save and organize digital audio. On the contrary, Blackberry has lower level of technology but it has Blackberry Chat program which many people love. This program makes Blackberry...
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