Blackberry Storm Marketing Plan

Topics: Mobile phone, Smartphone, Personal digital assistant Pages: 5 (2081 words) Published: August 28, 2010
Many people mistakenly confuse marketing strategies with ad campaigns. A good marketing strategy is a plan or an approach for marketing products and services. In order to succeed in increasing sales, a good marketing strategy must be strong enough to move buyers from the point of being attracted to a product, or service to inspire them in wanting to take action by purchasing. The BlackBerry smart phone has taken the mobile market by storm with its easy functionality and internet capabilities. This essay will overview the introduction of its newest product, the Storm, and develops a marketing strategy for its next generation phone incorporating customer concerns. The BlackBerry smart phones were first released in 1999 as a two- way device. The phone integrated with software that enables access to email and other communication services. Research in Motion (RIM) is the company behind the BlackBerry, which was founded in Canada in 1984. The company initially specialized in two-way pager software in the mid-90s until it released the first BlackBerry. The company did not see any success in mobile products until 2002, when text messaging, and enhanced email capabilities were introduced. The BlackBerry is known to be straight-forward and completely uncomplicated smart phones. The newest BlackBerry, the Storm is the first attempt by the company incorporating touch screen technology. The Storm boasts many of the same features as other touch screen phones; however, it also adds innovations such as a clickable screen displays. In addition the Storm has an eight gigabyte memory which is standard so user can easily download picture and music from a computer via Universal Service Bus (USB) cable. There are drawbacks to BlackBerry Storm which includes the absence of Wi-Fi and complications with touch screen keyboard (Tolpolsky 2008). Mobile phones are sold in the small to medium markets. This market is on fire thanks to the increased interest in mobile handsets and smart phones (Small and Medium Market). Smart phone sales have surpassed 40 million units representing the fastest-growing segment of the mobile device market. According to egov monitor, “mobile phone users will go up to 4 billion by 2010 (Mobile News Direct). This means that one in every three people will by using mobile phones worldwide. The mobile phone market also accounts for about 50% of the total sales in small and medium markets (Mobile News Direct). This market requires a business to business approach when selling products, which means trade is done between companies rather than private individual consumers. In order to increase sells of the Blackberry Storm, our company will focus on developing ways to increase our online capabilities by working with other internet companies. An example will be a joint venture with a company that specializes in online auction purposes for business-to-business markets. This venture will be based our company’s wireless handhelds and their well-known ecommerce business applications. The two companies will venture in a joint deal developing activities to promote solutions based on BlackBerry’s internet technology and the other company’s online auction expertise. This venture will increase BlackBerry’s mobile connection environment as well as business relations in the small market. The BlackBerry was initially used by attorneys, salespeople, and executives; however, the product is now used by practitioners, small businesspeople or for non-business related reasons. The BlackBerry is mostly bought by consumers who are in the 35-44 age range. These buyers are normally married and from suburban areas. The Storm’s competitor, the iPhone, tends to be appealing to consumers who are younger, and from urban areas. In order for BlackBerry Storm to increase its demographics, research will be done to find out why younger consumers are attracted to the iPhone over the Storm. According to online reviews, the lack of Wi-Fi technology,...
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