Blackberry Brand Audit

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 Introduction……….  History………  Brand Inventory………  Brand Exploratory………  Gap Analysis………  Recommendations………  Conclusion………  Bibliography……… 

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Shakespeare said – „What‟s in a name?‟ Everything..!! BlackBerry – an exotic looking fruit with wine like taste. How did that fruit become associated with terms like business, emails, internet on go? How did BlackBerry – which has become a sort of cult, have its fruity name from? One would think that probably the CEO, Mike Lazaridis or somebody influential from RIM was partial to the seedy fruit. Which “surprise” “surprise” isn‟t True. It‟s got a more logical origin to it. In 2001, RIM hired Lexicon Branding to help them get a fitting name for their latest wireless messaging device. Understandably, the company wanted a name that would highlight what it called its USP – emails on the go. But after research showed that people tend to relate „e-mail‟ with work and thus can raise blood pressure, Lexicon convinced the company to go for a name that would rather induce a feeling of joy and peace. It came to the notice of someone that the teeny tiny keys on the RIM‟s wireless devices resembled a bunch of seeds. So they started toying with the names of seeded fruits like strawberry, melon etc before settling on “BlackBerry” which reflected the black colour of most of the RIM‟s devices as well as sounded pleasing enough. This is how everybody‟s favourite BlackBerry got its name.

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BlackBerry is a product of RIM – a Canadian company with the most modest beginning but with a very ambitious vision. Some milestones in the 20 years of success of RIM are discussed below in brief. 1984 – Co-founded by Mike Lazaridis (President and Co-CEO) and Douglas Fregin (Vice President, Operations) 1988 - First wireless data technology developer (in North America), connectivity product developer for Mobitex wireless packet-switched data communications network (outside Scandinavia) 1990 - RIM‟s DigiSyncTMFilm KeyKodeTMReader 1991 – Mobitex Protocol Converter (MPC) 1992 - Mobitex point-of-sale-solution 1993 – RIM Gate Ericsson Mobidem AT and Intel Wireless Modem with RIM modem firmware 1994 – Mobitex mobile point-of-sale-terminal (MPT) 1995 - Freedom, radio modem for Mobitex 1996 - Inter@ctive Pager, the first two-way messaging pager RIM 900 OEM Modem 1997 - RIM 901M OEM Radio Modem RIM 801D OEM Radio Modem RIM Wireless PC Card for Mobitex 1998 - RIM 950 Wireless Handheld™ Intellisync™ Synchronization Platform from Puma Technology 1999 - BlackBerry wireless email solution BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software for Microsoft Exchange

Page |5 RIM 850 Wireless Handheld™ RIM 802D OEM Radio Modem RIM 902M OEM Radio Modem 2000 - RIM 957 Wireless Handheld™ Development environment for Java 2001 - BlackBerry support for Lotus® Notes® and Domino® BlackBerry wireless calendar First wireless handheld based entirely on the Java™ 2 Micro Edition (J2ME™) platform 2002 - BlackBerry 5810™ OEM radio modems running on GSM/GPRS wireless networks worldwide BlackBerry Development Environment for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Mobile Data Service feature of BlackBerry Enterprise Server BlackBerry 6710™ BlackBerry 6720™ BlackBerry Web Client BlackBerry 6510™ BlackBerry 6750™ for the CDMA2000 1X wireless network 2003 - BlackBerry 6210™ BlackBerry 6220™ BlackBerry 6230™ BlackBerry Connect licensing program BlackBerry 7230™ BlackBerry 7210™ BlackBerry 7280™ BlackBerry development environment for J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) for Over-The-Air application deployment BlackBerry API specifications

Page |6 S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) support for Java based BlackBerry handhelds to government and corporate customers FIPS 140-2 Security Certification of BlackBerry Platform for Government Customers BlackBerry 7730™ 2004 – BlackBerry 7520TM BlackBerry...
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