Blackberries in June

Topics: Marriage, Luck, Superstition Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: November 2, 2011
Bryan Blejski
ENG 101-F11
October 6, 2011
“Blackberries in June”
In Ron Rash’s “Blackberries in June,” it was easy to be immediately drawn into the story. People can relate to the life of Matt and Jamie. Their life of being married after high school and having a house of their own is a plan many people work to strive towards when in love after high school. Their life seems almost perfect or typical throughout the story. A wonderful and happy marriage with the wholesome relations with the other family members, and some tenseness between an in-law shows how Matt and Jamie’s lives are what seems to be, normal. When Charlton (Jamie’s brother) has an accident and loses his leg, Matt is determined to still follow their dreams and plans while helping Charlton’s family. This sets an impression to try and make the best of everything and always stick to the plans people make for their lives.

The conflict of how Linda and Jamie’s mother think that Matt and Jamie need to give up everything in their life for Charlton’s family causes a great dilemma for their future. Matt and Jamie work hard and make many sacrifices to accomplish their dreams. Their plans that Jamie state “First get the house fixed up… Then when that was done she and Matt would start taking night classes again at the technical college. In a year they would have their degrees. Then good jobs and children” (Rash 239).

Jamie’s sister in-law, Linda, almost seems to hate Matt and Jamie because of how they are successful with their lives. Linda believes that it is just luck when it is the self-discipline Matt and Jamie have to stick to their plans and not blow their money on things they do not need, unlike Linda and Charlton. Linda states “Good luck follows…(Matt and Jamie) like a dog that needs petting all the time” (Rash 242). It can actually be considered Linda not being responsible because of her bad decisions with having three kids the first five years of marriage when she cannot support them....
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