Black Swan

Topics: Mila Kunis, Nina in the Mix: The Dense Modesto Remixes, Natalie Portman Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: February 2, 2013
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Dennis Potapchuk
Black Swan

Black Swan is a compelling and distinctive movie about a woman who is trying to get in touch with her dark side. Nina Sayers, the main character, has been chosen for the role of the Swan Queen, yet her innocence refuses to develop a relaxed mind throughout the film. Confusing her is the anxiety, hallucinations, and visions, which she has to deal with in order to achieve the state of “perfection” she desires, as she progresses in evolving her role as the Black Swan. In this essay I would like to address the negative relationships Nina’s mother is imposing on her, and her relationship with her director Thomas Leroy.

First off, Nina’s relationship with her mother is childish. She treats Nina as a little kid with a pink room and bed, and a music box that plays twinkling music. She tries desperately to restrain her daughter from living free and making her own life. When Nina comes home after talking to the director, her mother helps her undress and sees the rash and immediately has a fit. She rushes Nina into the bathroom and begins to cut her nails and when she accidently clips Nina’s finger, Nina is hurt and her mother immediately kisses her finger, just like a mother kissing her child’s boo-boo (A child's term for an injury). After, Nina wakes up and begins to pleasure herself, but she suddenly stops because her mother is in the room sleeping on the chair by her bed, which shows the audience that she truly has boundary issues and expects Nina to be submissive in letting her sleep in her room. This shows us that her mother is scared of her realizing her adult role and just wants to keep her sweet Potapchuk 2

girl. Another example of her mother being super obsessive happens during Nina’s night out. She is talking to Andrew and her mother calls her again, but she hangs up the phone. Her mom calls another time and Nina ignores it again. It felt like her mother was just checking up on her daughter,...
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