Black Sheep

Topics: Sibling, Ray Bradbury, Family Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: May 20, 2013
In a world of conformity, individuals are the black sheep of the herd. Timothy is a reject within his Addams Family-like world where vampires and dark mythical creatures are the norm. In Ray Bradbury’s “The Homecoming”, individuals are isolated from society. Due to his unique nature, Timothy cannot engage in the Homecoming celebration on Allhallows Eve. He proves that the life of the individual is often forlorn. Regardless of his efforts to be extraordinary like the others, Timothy will forever remain an outsider. Timothy is crushed knowing that he will be ignored on Allhallows Eve when relatives from across the world will be visiting. Due to his shortcomings, he is alone as his family entertains and enjoys the festivities. Timothy imagined “he was outside staring in” as his family waltzed to outlandish music (p. 8, Bradbury). He feels he is literally out in the cold observing a society he wishes to be included in. As his relatives laugh and play, Timothy cries outside. “Mirror, Mirror was played” as Uncle Einar consoles Timothy after his embarrassing incident (Bradbury). Almost every one of Timothy’s relatives is not concerned about his wellbeing after Cecy’s prank, choosing instead to play exclusive vampire games Timothy is disqualified for. The Vampires engage in activities Timothy cannot take part in. They bond over “songs Timothy could not know” making him feel isolated and different (Bradbury). These activities pose as constant reminders of his condition, widening the gap between Timothy and everyone else. It is not simple feat to live the lonely existence of an individual excluded from society. Cavalier family members treat Timothy differently because of his mortality and lack of supernatural abilities. His “family [skirts] him like a holy man’s crucifix” and laughs at his insecurities (p. 2-3, Bradbury). This rude behavior is accepted because Timothy is not a vampire. Despite family ties, Timothy’s brothers and sisters belittle him because he is...
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