Black People and South Africa

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  • Published : November 28, 2011
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The movie invictus portrays a very controversial issue that has been presented throughout history in many ethnic groups and is seen in societies up to these days. The apartheid is clearly pictured in the movie through many of the attitudes and actions that people take towards the other race they live in their day by day. What is more, Mandela constitutes one of the most important figures in South Africa, especially for the black race as he liberated them from the apartheid. From those days Mandela has been recognized worldwide as a major symbol of the rainbow nation; a reality of distinction between the black and the white people and its establishing differe nces. In the movie, it is highly represented the context in which two different races coexist, and how such a popular sport as rugby can actually create a powerful bond between two races, stimulating a feeling of companionship and unity for the population . For instance, one of the most significant examples seen in the movie is that about the rejection towards Nelson Mandela as a color person when he was first elected as president of the republic of South Africa. The staff of the presidential house, for example started to resign at the very moment it was officially proclaimed that the new president, who had been 27 years in prison for the conflict of the segregation, was a color person. Besides all the differences the two races had in the 1990 s, such as economic standards, prohibition in public places, and extremely opposite ideologies , the Spring Boks which were the most popular rugby team, reached the goal to give an end to the Apartheid. This does not only concern the social, as well as political, and ec onomical issues, but rugby also serves as an emotional trigger to what represents the unity, compassion and sets free the passion to reinforce a country. As the Spring Boks managed to win the World Cup, which was firstly asked by the president, the country started to be a better one, a country...
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