Black Out

Topics: Shower, Bathroom, Visual perception Pages: 2 (855 words) Published: March 30, 2008
I hear the alarm screaming at me from the other side of the room. Any other day I would not be happy to hear the alarm but today I really didn’t mind it too much. As I sit up in bed I hear someone coming up the stairs. I look over to see Morgan dragging up the stairs like a zombie. She has never been much of a morning person. Slowly she walks over and turns off the alarm then comes and sits on the couch with me for a minute. We both sit there and stair out into space for a minute while we let our bodies start to wake. After a minute or so I give her a kiss and tell her good morning then go to take a shower. The whole time in the shower I couldn’t stop thinking about how fun this trip is going to be. Once I finished up and got dressed I headed downstairs and smoked a cigarette on the back porch. Watching the sun leak pastel colors of red, purple, orange, and yellow over the horizon, I take a long breath and embrace the outside air. Finishing my cigarette I had back in to help pack up the car. I barely get a foot in the house before Morgan grabs me and starts loading my arms with junk. A few trips later and the car is packed and ready to go. We locked the house up and jumped in the car. We were off!

As soon as we left the neighborhood Morgan was back asleep. I sat there for awhile looking out the window thinking about snowboarding. I have never been before; I wonder how hard it will really be. I begin to picture myself sitting at the top of the slope as a cool brisk winter breeze blows against my face. I get shaken from my day dream by a sudden brake followed by a rant of blasphemy and bad words from Mr. Long. I settle back in and go to sleep. I am wakened by Morgan saying we are going to be stopping for breakfast soon. I slowly sit up and wipe the drool from my face. As I rub the sleepy from my eyes I look at the clock to see we have already been on the road for three hours. I turn and stare out the window blackly for a few minutes while I wait for my mind to...
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