Black Orpheus and the Epic of Gilgamesh

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Black Orpheus was an interesting film; it was worth the watch, even with its somewhat tragic ending. Being that it is a modern adaptation of the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, I knew what to expect. However, that did not take too much away from the movie; it had me captivated right from the beginning to the very end. The music played a large part in this captivation, and so did the characters. If I had seen the movie without prior knowledge of the Greek legend it was adapted from, I would have wished for a different ending- an ending where Orpheus and Eurydice miraculously defeat death and Mira, get married, and start a family. At the end of the film I consoled myself with the fact that they were both dead, and could possibly re-unite and continue their love in the afterlife. It is generally accepted that the reason behind why Orpheus went in search of Eurydice after her death is that he loved her so much. Emotions such as envy and happiness played a role in the film, but the theme of love is the most pronounced. Black Orpheus shows the extent to which an individual is willing to go in the name of love, and the misery that can arise from losing love. One would think that love and death would be opposing forces that have nothing to do with each other, in Black Orpheus this notion is slightly the opposite. The sense that love and death are intertwined is noticeable. Orpheus loved Eurydice so much so that he was willing to constantly defend her against death, and I believe ultimately he did not mind dying after he lost her. Orpheus loved Eurydice beyond death. Love, whether romantic or platonic, is a strong force that compels people to go to extreme lengths and sometimes take unreasonable actions. The platonic love Gilgamesh had for Enkidu was also very strong, for seven days and seven nights, Gilgamesh held on to the body of Enkidu, he refused to let his dear friend go till the corpse started to rot....
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