Black Males

Topics: Kill, Crime, Gang Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: March 12, 2013
April Law
GUS 1177
Professor Gholson

The article called Black Brothers Inc., written by Sean Patrick Griffin tells an interesting story about the Black Mafia. These individuals were excellent businessmen and working men that participated in obtaining drug dealers, maintaining crap games, and holding regular meetings at many different locations, but they were also coldblooded people who would kill anyone who might testify against them in court. This is how they gained power in the Philadelphia local neighborhoods; people were intimidated by them, as a result; it prevent many people from reporting the group’s activities to the police. This is why the police had difficulty prosecuting the members and many of the cases were getting dropped most of the time. Because of this, the Black Mafia continued to thrive and succeed, killing more than forty people and other countless crimes. I thought this reading was a fascinating history of Philadelphia that I knew very little about, in terms of the Black Mafia. I have heard many things about the Italian and Irish mafia, but not so much about the Black Mafia. I grew up around the South Philly area also, but I was not informed about all the history about the Black Mafia that developed over time. Nowadays, gun violence has become so common in Philadelphia that it is difficult to remember the days when homicide once shocked people. Everyday when I watch the news, there’s always somebody getting killed. I thought the author did a great job by explaining in detail about some of the historic events that neighborhood rumors and newspapers only touched on. It is unbelievable how many crimes these infamous criminals had committed and many of them involved violence. I think it is amazing that many of these gangsters are intelligent people who committed crimes and got away with it because witnesses were too afraid to speak out. In our society today, many people would not be able to get away with it as easily compared to...
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