Black Holes

Topics: Dark matter, Sun, Mass Pages: 3 (1125 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Black Holes
Black holes intrigue many. They consist of a great amount of matter smashed into a small area. There are actually two types of black holes: stellar black holes and massive black holes. Stellar black holes have masses up to ten times the mass of the sun and massive black holes have masses up to a billion times the mass of the sun. Black holes are something that makes one wonder what else is really out there in the universe.

Massive black holes are more popular than stellar black holes because of their sheer size and mass. According to an article published in Science, M. Volonteri says that massive black holes have masses anywhere from tens of millions to a few billion. The smallest known black hole consists of only a few hundred thousand times the mass of the sun (544). This solidifies the fact that there are significant differences between stellar black holes and massive black holes.

In a different article published in Science, A.C. Fabian and J.M. Miller discuss how black holes can be forms of radiation. They agree that during accretion of matter, large amounts of energy are released as gas spirals into the hole. They also mention that a component of the emission can provide great insight into the middle of stellar black holes (947). They explain how a broad peak caused by thermal emission dominates the emission spectrum. Black holes put off emissions that create radiation and they also generate a lot of heat.

Black holes formed from the same materials that galaxies and the rest of the universe did. Stars and gas represent most of the galaxy’s make up. They can form in a couple different ways according to Fig. 1 in Volonteri’s article. Black holes start out as dark matter surrounded by gas. They proceed depending on how fast the gas cools. If it cools slowly, then stars begin to form. If it becomes to many stars, it collapses into a black hole that is about 200 times the mass of the sun. If the gas moves towards the center of the dark matter,...
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