Black History

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African – American Scientist and Mathematicians
Below is a list of popular inventors, scientist and mathematicians who have made significant contributions to society and the world. You are to research each of them and state their contribution(s), the year in which it was made and their field of study. Due Date: February 25, 2010 during regular class time. Scientist/Mathematician| Contribution/Invention| Year| Field of Study| George Alcorn| Invented an imaging x-ray spectrometer using thermomigration of aluminum, for which he earned a patent in 1984, and two years later he devised an improved method of fabrication using laser drilling.| 1978| Physic| Nathaniel Alexander| served in the Revolutionary War as a surgeonInvented the folding chair. He designed his chair to be used in schools, churches, and other auditoriums.| 1911| medical| Virgie Ammons| invented a fireplace dampener| 1974| |

Benjamin Banneker| Invented a wooden clock. Assisted in survey of the original boundaries of the District of Columbia Authored almanac and ephemeris.1792| 1753| astronomy| Janet Emerson Bashen| Invented the software LinkLine, which is a web-based application for EEO claims intake and tracking, claims management, document management and numerous reports.| 2006| legal studies and government| Patricia Bath| First African American female physician to receive a patent for a medical invention “Apparatus for ablating and removing cataract lenses", a version of a device designed to help remove cataracts with a fiberoptic laser.She was the first female ophthalmologist at UCLA's prestigious Jules Stein Eye Institute and the first female African American surgeon at the UCLA Medical Center| 1988| Medicine| Andrew Jackson Beard| Invented a plowImprove the coupler design| 18811897| | Miriam E. Benjamin| Invented Gong and Signal Chair for hotels Second black woman to receive a patent| 1888| |

Edmond Berger| Invented early spark plug| 1839| |
Henry Blair| | | |
Bessie Blount| Invented a electrical device allowed a tube to deliver one mouthful of food at a time to a patient in a wheelchair or in a bed whenever he or she bit down on the tube.| 1948| Physical Therapist | Sarah Boone| Improvement to the ironing board| 1892| |

Otis Boykin| invented an improved electrical resistor| 1959| Technology| Charles Brooks| invented a street sweeper truckCharles Brooks also patented an early paper punch, also called a ticket punch.| 1896| | Phil Brooks| Invented a Disposable Syringe| 1974| |

Henry Brown| Invented a receptacle for storing and preserving papers. It was a fire and accident safe container made of forged metal, which could be sealed with a lock and key and what is now know as a strongbox.| 1886| | Marie Brown| Invented video home security system| 1969| | Robert Bryant| Robert Bryant headed the team that invented Soluble Imide (LaRC-SI) the self-bonding thermoplastic that received an R&D 100 award for being one of the most significant new technical products of 1994.Robert Bryant was part of the team at NASA's Langley Research Center that created Macro-Fiber Composite (MFC) the flexible and durable material that uses ceramic fibers.| 2006| Physic and mathematics| John Albert Burr| Improved rotary blade lawn mower.| 1899| EconomicsMathematics Chemistry | George Washington Carver| One of the world's most important scientists.Invented about 300 products made from peanuts.Invented a method of making paints and stains.| 1925| PianoArtBacterial botany and agriculture| George Carruthers| Inventor of the far-ultraviolet camera and the spectrograph.| 1969| aeronautical engineering| Benjamin S. Carson| Benjamin Carson was a pioneer in surgery technology| 1987| Psychologyneurosurgery| Emmett W. Chappelle| he is known for developing the technique for the...
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