Black Hawk Down

Topics: Idea, Haiti, Failure Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Alex Bunn
10th Grade Lit

Haiti 1994 & Mogadishu
Sending in troops to help other countries ends up either working to the aiding countries advantage, or disadvantage; there is rarely an occurrence in which the result falls within the aptly named middle ground. Even if these missions have started out with the best of intentions, such as the battle of Mogadishu, which ended in failure, there is no way to predict the final outcome. As shown in Haiti in 1994, the question of whether it will be a success or fail remains unanswerable. For longer than most can remember, the pain of war has plagued the world, and with each intervening country there in lies an intention. Intentions can either have extremely positive or negative outcomes. Comparing Mogadishu and Haiti in 1994, they both had really good intentions, even though one was a failure and one was a success, it mainly depends on if the mission is even a good idea to begin with.

The intentions of missions can vary from helping the hungry to killing a warlord. The intentions for Mogadishu were to just help the hungry, but once all the food was stolen by the warlords it became a fight to capture the warlord, Aidid as well. The intentions for Haiti in 1994 were to restore its democracy, (1) because Haiti’s government had fallen, since Jean-Bertrand Aristide was overthrown in a military coup (2). Therefore at the end, both mission were to save the other countries’ government from total chaos. Not all intentions of missions are good, but for Haiti in 1994 and Mogadishu the intentions were only to help.

Sometimes some missions are so out there, that imagining them being a success or failure isn’t possible until the conflict is over. The reason for going to Haiti in 1994 was to restore their democracy and bring Aristide back to office which President Clinton did successfully. The point of going to Mogadishu was to just help the hungry, but with just a few mistakes the whole...
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