Black Friday Horror

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  • Published : July 7, 2013
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Black Friday is becoming an American tradition. This day is the Friday right after thanksgiving, but why is it so big? Well it is the day where the majority of Americans wait behind store doors for hours. Why? Almost every store in America lowered the price of their merchandise up to half off. Americans love it so much because this is the day that a person can finish their Christmas list and still have money in their pockets. This year money is extremely tight because of the trip to hell in the stocks that caused an economic downfall everywhere. Since our economy is worsening as we speak, people didn’t let this year’s Black Friday pass. They were desperate to get anything that was a good deal, but how desperate were they? They were desperate enough to kill someone.

As we take a journey to the black Fridays before 2008, we see something that’s stirring and getting worse every year. The year 2006, Black Friday was just a simple way to get a good deal. The worst thing that happened was people yelling, pushing, and just being obnoxious. The year 2007, people got in to fights because they cut each other on line and the police had to get involved. Now 2008, that’s when it got horrible, Wal-mart of Long island, NY, eager customers impatiently gather around outside and frantically pushed the doors open. On the other side of the doors is an employee trying to control the chaos, but failed. As the customers broke the doors open they ran inside Wal-mart and trampled the 34-year-old man. As the other employees tried to save the man people kept running over them! The employees tried to shut Wal-mart down by telling everyone that someone died and they are closing the store. The customers would complain and say they were on line since yesterday and they weren’t going to leave. As we listen to this tragic story over and over again, we find out that they didn’t arrest anyone because it was hard to tell which person or people ran over this innocent worker. It comes to mind how...
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