Black Friday

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Mary Frasier
Writing 101 (M,W,F 1-1:50)
Final Paper

Black Friday has traditionally been a day where people would get up in the wee hours of the morning after Thanksgiving and brave the mayhem to get some of the best deals of the season. Over the past years stores have been pushing their opening times and "Door Busters" up earlier and earlier. Now people barely have time to finish dinner before the great sales of the Black Friday shopping "weekend" begin. Why would stores keep moving their times up earlier and earlier? If Black Friday sales start earlier, then businesses should be able to make more money and people should be able to shop safer because there is more time to shop and because people won’t feel so rushed for the deals. Black Friday went from being a one day event to a full blown four day weekend ending with Cyber Monday.

Black Friday began the earliest this year than it ever has before. "Black Friday has always been and always will be about being first: first to open, first to price, first to offer that special item" said Michael Brown from A.T. Kearney (Rampell). Black Friday has become the most hyped day of the year due to the increasing sales and more stores participating (Rampell). Stores were trying to make shopping more convenient for consumers and to draw more people into the stores (D'Innocenzio). Statistically 3.5% more people went out shopping this year, but they were not spending more money while they were out (Johnson). Allowing the customers more time to shop and browse around the stores was an attempt to have shoppers spend more money, although in stores sales decreased by 1.8% from the last year (Johnson). Many stores sales decreased on Black Friday because of the "Door Busters" starting on Thanksgiving (Johnson).

The sales starting on Thanksgiving were not the only contributing factor to the decrease of sales on Black Friday, online shopping took its toll on the brick and mortar stores (Johnson). The online sales...
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