Black Eyed Peas

Topics: Ku Klux Klan, Bloods, Racism Pages: 7 (2227 words) Published: April 6, 2013
The following critical interpretation of popular culture is based on the song called “Where is the Love” by the band Black Eyed Peas which was written in 2003. An interpretation of the message that the author is trying to convey in the song is the idea that there is massive discrimination and hatred amongst people in the United States. Furthermore, the song suggests that US citizens are ignorant of the world around them and that love, which can be viewed as human kindness and civility in the context of this song, is lost amongst people. To continue, the song argues that the government, along with popular media, is manipulating the populous into thinking that the world we live in is a safe place; all the while hiding what the US government is doing around the world. For example the bombings of Al Shifa Pharmaceutical Plant in Sudan, the aspirin factory, bombed in 1998 by the Clinton Administration. The song discusses issues such as terrorism, U.S government hypocrisy, xenophobia, warmongering, sexual/religious intolerance and the inherent greed of the capitalist ideal. Moreover, the song asks a fundamental question as the title suggests “Where is the Love?” The author proceeds to make his argument by starting the song with analysis of how people lost their morals and respect for each other which leads to xenophobia and intolerance in general. Moving on, in the second half of the song the author makes the argument that any form of racism, xenophobia, is the cause for terrorism, especially the events of September 11 2001. The third half of the song, the author writes about the wrongdoing of modernization in the world and how capitalism spreads animosity and selfishness rather than values of humanity to the public. Therefore, the author’s presumption that the world has lost love towards humanity and respect for others including religion is based on the arguments that firstly, that disrespect leads to discrimination, secondly, discrimination leads to terrorism, and finally the core evil and funding of terrorism is within the modernist capitalist ideal and the love for money that drives people to do all kinds of evil. This holds especially true for economic structures which rely heavily on warmongering to fuel homeland economic success, countries such as the USA. Argument

“What's wrong with the world, mama
People livin' like they ain't got no mamas
I think the whole world addicted to the drama
Only attracted to things that'll bring you trauma”
The song starts off by outlining that the world has problems and that people are living within a reality of moral/ethical dwindling and a lack of compassion and reverence for each other. The third line of “I think the whole world addicted to the drama” suggests that people are entertained by the violence and gore of popular media groups, which brings reality to the popular phrase ‘if it bleeds it leads’ and if one were to take the literal meaning, then people are more concerned with external struggle and hardship rather than a conscious realization of their own contribution to society; further suggesting that people are excited to sit at home and ignore their reality while maintaining a false reality as presented to them on television. One cannot help but notice the strong similarity between the message of this lyric and those of Zack De La Rocha’s song “Bullet In The Head” during his time with Rage Against The Machine. One Could say that people truly behave as if “They [government] say jump, you say how high?” To conclude the thought, people are living in a ‘bubble,’ and are ignorant of the surrounding environment they live in, one can’t help but recognize that drug addiction is on a steady incline as well as crime, which leads one to question if it is caused by an extremist media source, offering daily doses of terrifying trauma. Of course at this point one can only reminisce of crack cocaine epidemic, heavily advertised by popular American news media, only to be...
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