Black Death

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  • Published : January 31, 2012
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The Black Death: How Different Were Christian and Muslim Responses?

During the era of the Black Plague, the Christian community held a blood-thirsty lead hand in the fact of the matter, while the Islam society didn’t blame the epidemic on others and or try to solve the rampant disease with violence.

Originating approximately in 1346, The Black Plague originated in China and followed the trade routes during that day and age spreading the illness. “The Black Death of the Middle East” blatantly shows the distribution of the plague and how it began in the east and took paths going as far west as London, as far north as Poland, and as far south as Mecca. Charts on the mortality rate show the startling fact that about a third of the population in Europe, Egypt, Syria, and England, was diminished as a result. Wherever the Black Death hit, there was a gruesome scene of nasty buboes, vomit, sweat, and dead bodies. Angolo de Tura and al-Magrizi both reflected on the astounding death toll and reoccurring horrifying symptoms witnessed in infected people of their homelands even though they resided in two different countries. With the horrid & ghastly series of events, people began to gossip and create rumors of the origins and practices of hindrance. Varied sources have conjured a list of non-religious causes and preventions in Europe and the Near East. Some common areas of thought are that it was caused by impure air along with the organization of the cosmos, and methods of prevention include building fires to clean the air, staying indoors, and drinking a solution of Armenian clay.

Both the Christian and Muslims believe the plague is a gift from God and those suffering need to embrace their penance for being sinners. Christianity believes the plague was sent from god as a punishment and they blame the Jews, while the Muslims consider it a gift from god because it is a blessing that their rival religion was being depleted.

Christianity reacted to the...
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