Black Death

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  • Published : May 22, 2013
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The Black Plague is one of the deadliest pandemics in human history. The Plague Struck and killed with terrible speed leaving the few who still remained alive in shock and utter confusion. People became desperate and turned to religion for hope and an explanation for this deadly event. Despite the Black Plague Striking World Wide, the Christian and Muslim reactions where quite different. These disparate reactions grew as the mortality rate due to the Black Death grew. The Background of the Black Plague is as intriguing as the variant reactions themselves and vital for fully understanding the differences in the response these two religions had towards the Black Plague. The Christian reaction was to blame the Jews and was fueled by the fear. On the Contrary the Muslims reacted in a more religious manner than blaming. The cause of all of this of course all come from general trade routes near the Mediterranean that spread the plague like a wild fire. In 1346 European traders began hearing reports about a plague faraway in China (Document 1). The plague theses traders herd of destructively followed their routes to the middle east, North Africa, and Europe (Document 1). In Five years the Plague killed between 25%and 45% of the populations it touched (Document 4). A gush of blood from the nose, A swelling behind the armpits and groin where the sure sigh that inevitable death was to come (Document 6). The black plague was really three separate plagues; the bubonic was the most common, the pneumonic was less common but more deadly and the septicemic which killed all of its victims (Document 1). Medical Knowledge was next to nothing in the mid-thirteen hundreds, theories of prevention were illogical. In Europe there practices of prevention included cleaning the impure air by building fires, residing in a house facing north to avoid southerly winds, covering windows with wax cloth, filling houses with sweet smelling plants, avoiding sleep on the back and...
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