Black Berry Enter Into China Market

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Blackberry is a wireless email system that was developed in 1997 by Canada “Research in Motion” (RIM) company. It is a smart mobile phone that can receive e-mail and is equipped with a laptop standard keyboard. As the small black keyboard looks like a strawberry, it was named Blackberry. Its greatest feature is that it integrates a mobile phone, email, personal message management, and internet and wireless information services and has a very high security, and so is the perfect combination of a mobile phone and a laptop. This report will analyze Blackberry entry into the Chinese market by five aspects.

The method of entry
In 2007, Blackberry entered the Chinese market. RIM and China mobile jointly and TCL communication reached an agreement and thus, Blackberry began to be officially produced in China. In 2009, RIM established branches in Beijing. In order to expand its visibility, RIM Company has conducted a large-scale advertising campaign such as holding a press conference, a Blackberry mobile phone exhibition, cooperating with local mobile companies and professional introductions in mobile phone retail stores. • Press conference

At the beginning of entry, RIM held its first press conference held in Beijing. This conference introduced the performance of Blackberry, the biggest difference compared with local mobile phones. It let consumers know its most significant function, which is the ability to receive email by wireless system of Blackberry phone itself. This feature is not available in other local phones. After this, other press conferences were held in more Chinese cities. Moreover, all have been successful. • Blackberry exhibition

In 2010, the “China international Information and Communication Exhibition” was held in Beijing, China International Exhibition Center. Leading the development of this communication exhibition with “Innovation and integration of future success” as the theme, more than 500 domestic and foreign telecom operators, handset manufacturers, technology alliances showcased their latest technological achievements. In its latest telecommunication exhibition, RIM offered consumers a number of Blackberry products, covering high, medium and low-end markets. This means that RIM’s sales strategy in the Chinese mainland is about to enter the stage of development effort. The Blackberry bold 9700 is the latest among Blackberry products in 2010 and it is high-end market-oriented product. This exhibition had the purpose of expanding its visibility. • Cooperating with mobile companies

RIM signed the contract with China’s two biggest communication companies, China mobile and China Unicom, in 2009. This collaboration meant that Blackberry has made greater progress in the Chinese mobile phones market. This agreement means blackberry has already entered the Chinese market in these companies’ operating areas. These two communication companies have many branches in each of their local areas and thus Blackberry already has a place in the market. RIM also allocated professional staff to introduce blackberry in each local retail store. As a result, more people knew of blackberry. This is excellent advertising which let customers know the features of blackberry, and more importantly, it is special advertising in that customers saw the physical product in use for themselves. These customers can publicize the phone through each other through discussing the demonstration.

There are some limitations to the entry of the Blackberry into the Chinese mobile phone market, including external and self limitations. • Price
In the Chinese market, blackberry's average price is ¥3500, equivalent to £350. In the current Chinese economic situation, this is equal to half a month of wages to many...
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