Black-and-white Films and Arthur

Topics: Black-and-white films, The Key, Florida Keys Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: January 22, 2013
This book is about a boy named Arthur whos is now and older man that tells his life story to his daughter allexis about how when he lived in london and how he was an orhpan and how he was separted with his sister kitty who gave him a key before they were seprated and how he still has the key and how he was sent to Australia on a boat to find a new home, and while he was on the voyage to austrlia the kids on the boat would bully him beucse of his age and how he allways hummed the song ‘london bridge is falling down” and how he makes a friend on the boat named marty and they and a cupoel other kids get sent to a farm that is runed my mr bacon and mrs bacon and they escaped the farm because it was a working camp

Arthur Hobhouse tells the story of his life. his earliest memory was that he was an orphan from Bermondsey, in London, and that, at the age of five, in 1947, he was transported to Australia to find a new home. He is parted from his sister, Kitty upon being there. He later gets separated from his sister. He distinctly remembers the time of their parting, which was at their orphanage , when she gave him a key to hold onto and told him to never lose it. He treasures the key from then on, despite not knowing what it unlocks. He boards the ship and leaves with other orphans for Australia. The voyage is long and terrible for Arthur. In his bunk there are other boys from the North who are older than he is. They bully him due to his age, his accent, his habit of humming London Bridge is Falling Down to get himself to sleep, and for his wicked sea sickness. But one day, whilst being sick over the ship's railing again, he meets fellow London orphan Marty. They become best friends, and Marty stands up to the boys bullying Arthur by punching their leader, Wes Snarkey. They leave Arthur alone after this. Upon arrival in Sydney, an officer tries to separate Arthur and Marty, but Marty is persistent that they stay together, and the two, along with the remaining boys,...
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