Black and Latino

Topics: Human skin color, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: February 18, 2011
“There is no way that you can be black and Puerto Rican at the same time”, was a statement that Roberto Santiago heard throughout the years. In his story “Black and Latino” he identified himself as both. Even though, Spanish was his first language, he now speaks both Spanish and English fluently. Growing up as a dark skinned boy he felt as if he had to choose sides from Latino or black. He believed that “acting black, looking black and being a real black” was a parody debate among us. Roberto Santiago felt like he didn’t need to prove to anyone he was black because he already knew he was. He has never really faced a racial experience until the age of six years old. It was in Central Park where he ran towards the bridle path and saw two horses trot pass by. He shouted “yea ! horsie, yea!” . When he noticed the woman riding one of them was white. She turned the horse back around and headed towards him and shouted such slurs. He never told anyone about this incident expect his aunt. She was the only one who knew, and who became a source for his answers. She helped him realized there was no difference between the two races but skin color. It’s because of her that Roberto never liked the attitude that says he needs to be exclusive to one race.

There are several types of different essays. For example, there are description essays, narrative essays, and definition essays. “Black and Latino” reflects the definition type of essay. A definition essay explains what a term is. The definition mode is often used in redefining or giving a sort of unique clarity to a topic which can be or could be unclear. In this story Roberto Santiago points out that it is in fact the truth about the term “black”. He uses the definition mode almost like a play on techniques. He mentions the multi racial anxiety people are faced on a daily basis in a white and black society. For example in the story he quotes “there is no way that you can be Black and Puerto Rican t the same time”. (537;...
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