Topics: Religion, Death, Medicine Pages: 1 (256 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Should euthanasia be legalized in Australia?

Death is the most personal of matters, but it’s also a political hot potato. Most of us don’t choose (or even expect) the way in which we die, but for the terminally ill, death is a looming certainty to be dealt with. And as humans live longer – largely thanks to the interventions of modern medicine – we’re more likely to die of serious illness, and to have our deaths medically postponed. There has long been a call for governments to grant us the right to choose our own death, by legalizing euthanasia. But what are the circumstances in which this right should be granted? Who gets to decide – and when? And then there’s the sobering knowledge that this is one life decision that can’t be reversed.

People have a right to make their own decisions regarding death, and that euthanasia is intended to alleviate pain and suffering, hence being ascribed the term “mercy killing.” There are many factors, which can influence person’s thoughts of the topic of euthanasia such as a person’s religious beliefs and morals and values. To certain people, they might be against euthanasia due to their religious beliefs. Many Christians believe that taking a life, for any reason is interfering with God’s plan and is comparable to murder.

To end a persons life and not let them go through the pain and suffering that they are going through should be legal. Not only is it assisting in someones death, it is helping them live a better life.
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