Topics: Air France Flight 447, South Africa, Rio de Janeiro Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Standard Bank of South Africa Limited
Beperk (Reg EG No. 1986/004794/06)
008140, International Banking
Johannesburg, South Africa
From peter WILFRED {Audit}
Telephone; 0027 73-756-4455
FAX ; 00 27 ; 862-313-242
My Office Email: peterwilfred72@mixmail.com


Dear Sir/Madam

In my search for a trustworthy individual to work with me on a very important and confidential project, I came across your profile online via The British Chambers of Commerce and Industries.  
I am peter WILFRED, Executive Officer, Audit Department, (Standard Bank) (Amalgamated Bank of South Africa).During the weekly preliminary in-house auditing of accounts; I discovered an account belonging to a South African Businessman {Mrs Savary Lanrence Marguerite} who died in the recent Air France Flight 447 which crashed into the Atlantic from Rio de Janeiro en route to Paris.  

The total amount in this account is US$15M (Fifteen Million US Dollars less accrued interest. I decided to investigate this account for more information. I discovered that Late {Mrs Savary Lanrence Marguerite} made the above deposit leaving no heirs/next of kin who could make a claim.  

I presently have access to this information’s and have worked out a modality of using a third party who will apply as the beneficiary next-of-kin to the deceased in applying for the Claims of this fund. I will supply the necessary information and ensure that the claim application is giving immediate approval. This proposal is risk-free, as I will use contacts that hold strategic positions in the bank to effect a successful completion of the project and also ensure that all traces of our mutual involvement are completely wiped off. These presents no problem as all documented evidence will be directly under their supervision.  

My offer is to give you 30% of the total sum for your...
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