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  • Published: September 18, 2014
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Jubayer Ahmed
Mr.Disiro period 8
Imagine a war without the use of weapons. The Cold War was a standoff between the United States and the Soviet Union without a use of arms (Nuclear Weapons and the Arms Race). It was a period of time with great resentment and pressure. Even though both sides never had a direct military confrontation, they engaged in “proxy wars” and threatened each other with nuclear annihilation (Nuclear Weapons and the Arms Race). For over forty years the Soviets and Americans competed against each other in areas such as military, technology and economy. The Cold War, unlike any other war was significant in American history because it advanced Americans in technology, limited the possibility of getting attacked by nuclear arms and boosted the United States economy. The Cold War began in 1945 after World War II and it was not a direct war between USSR and the US rather through technology and sciences (Historical Perspective: The Twentieth Century and Beyond). Radar, jet engines, rockets and atomic bombs were the types of technology invented during the Cold War (Historical Perspective: The Twentieth Century and Beyond). The need for new technology during World War II was the foundations for the number of inventions during the Cold War which lead to the space age and the nuclear arms race (Historical Perspective: The Twentieth Century and Beyond). The United States has technology such as spy planes and nuclear bombs (Stein 29). After the U.S bombed Japan with the atomic bomb in 1945, it led to the development of the hydrogen bomb in 1952 (Stein 29). The Soviets developed their hydrogen bomb in 1953 (Stein 29). This caused the nuclear arms race because each side was in fear of another (Stein 29). They both had enough nuclear bombs to obliterate Earth (Stein 29). In October 1957, the soviets launched Sputnik I which was the first space satellite to orbit Earth (Historical Perspective: The Twentieth Century and Beyond). After the Sputnik I...
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