Topics: Nutrition, Super Size Me, Food Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Academic Summary: Spurlock
In the documentary “Supersize Me,” political activist Morgan Spurlock explains the topic that everything in America is bigger even the people. Furthermore, he notes that two female teens tried to sue McDonald’s for making them fat, but have failed due to the lack of proof to their claim. Spurlock hypothesis that eating McDonald’s every day for 30 days three square meals a day will make you fat and cause health problems. Before Spurlock started his experiment he visited three different doctors for medical checks and they all concluded that his health is great. When starting his experiment Spurlock lists a set of standards that include eating McDonald’s 3 meals a day, cannot walk more than 3,000 steps a day, must supersize if asked; only order what’s on the menu, and eat everything at least once. Spurlock reports that McDonald’s is omnipresence and spend billions of advisements and mostly to children. Spurlock claims that school’s foods are all processed and the cooks at the schools do not cook anymore, they just reheat everything that were given to them by the gov’t) given to them from the government. Spurlock also describes how difficult it was to find nutrition pamphlet at the restaurants. Spurlock cities that supersizing is consumer manipulation and we have become accustomed and to thinking that eating these large portion sizes are normal. Spurlock supports that McDonald’s food is addictive; he gets headaches and feel sick if he doesn’t eat McDonald’s, after eat it he will feels a lot better than before. Spurlock states that we spend a lot of money on pills, programs, gastric bypass surgery to lose unwanted weight. He addresses the acts of the lobbyists and how they are put into legislation to support and back big fast food companies into the law and actions they want. In conclusion after Spurlock experiment he resulted that he got a fatty liver, gained over 20 lbs, his chances for heart disease increased by two, cholesterol...
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