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Company Background

Nissan Motor Corporate, Ltd is established in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1933, currently manufactures vehicle in 20 countries and sales of products and service in more than 160 countries worldwide. Basically, Nissan which located at Kangar, Perlis is actually one of Edaran Tan Chong Sdn. Bhd. Branches which Edaran Tan Chong [1] holds the franchise license of Nissan. Tan Chong Motors start business in 1950s as small motor vehicle distributor. Tan Chong Motors is appointed as sole distributor of Nissan in year 1957 as 1st Japanese car sold locally in Malaysia [2]. Then, Tan Chong Motors incorporated in Malaysia on 14/10/1972 as Tan Chong Motor Holding Berhad and listed on Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad on 4/2/1974 [3]. Currently, Tan Chong Motors Holding Berhad has 90 outlets of showroom or dealers and 74 after sales services centers locally. While, Nissan, Edaran Tan Chong Sdn. Bhd. Perlis is the only one showroom in Perlis, which located at Jalan Baru. TCEAS Kangar and Huat Kangar is the only two service centre of Nissan in Perlis. Edaran Tan Chong Motor Sdn Bhd, Kangar have 8-9 staffs and supervise by a Assistant Sales Nurul Farah Binti Azmi, while this outlet is supervise by Senior Branch Manager Soon Kok Siew from outlet Alor Star.

Personal Background of Interviewee

Nurul Farah Binti Azmi employed by Edaran Tan Chong Sdn. Bhd Holding since 2007 and has 5 years of experience in Nissan’s vehicles selling. She holds the position as Assistant Sales Manager in Edaran Tan Chong Sdn. Bhd, Perlis also as highest decision maker of Nissan outlet in Perlis. Her work is under company’s Sales Department and supervisor 8-9 staff in outlet of Perlis. She supervises by Senior Branch Manager Soon Kok Siew of outlet Nissan Alor Star, Perak. Basically, her task in Edaran Tan Chong Sdn. Bhd, Perlis is to assist Manager Soon Kok Siew to supervise daily operation, market development and raise sales performance of branch in Perlis. Those daily operation include customer services and sales, supervise staff performance and solve problems incur by staff and customer. Besides, she have to train and ensuring all staff is friendly, professional, effectively and courteous during servicing clients. Also, others duty such as prepare work schedule and others documentation work are a part of her duty.

Interpersonal Communication
Basically, there is internal and external interpersonal communication exists. For internal interpersonal communication, it involve all kind of communication between Nurul Farah Binti Azmi and her staff. Staff training, motivation talk, morning briefing and meeting regularly with staffs are the methods use by Nurul Farah Binti Azmi to communicate with employees. In briefing and meeting Ms. Nurul gives guide for sales process and the way to prospecting customer. Meetings create staff collaboration in determine the best alternative to solve problem face in sales. But sometimes, conflict might occur during or after meeting due to disagreement and also because of staff is not concentrate in meeting due to both physically and mentally disruption. Psychology unstable generally cause by served of bad customer, influence of family problem, conflict between staff and dissatisfaction to company rule. Physical reasons such as tiredness due to lack of sleep or sickness. For psychology and emotional problem, Ms. Nurul normally would personally face to face interview with those staff that face such problem and try to consult and solve their problem. For conflicts and misunderstanding between employees, Ms. Nurul would interview each of them personally instead of justify who’s fault wrong and try solve conflict for future best. Besides, Ms. Nurul is always welcome staff to have consulted from him personally at any time. He will try gap out few minutes to listen to staff problems. For external interpersonal communication, it is focus on communication...
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