Biyani's Think Tank: Marketing Management

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  • Published : September 5, 2012
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Biyani's Think Tank
Concept based notes

Marketing Management
(BBA Part-II)

Nandita Sarsar
Lecturer Deptt. of Commerce & Management Biyani Girls College, Jaipur

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B.B.A. Part-II

Marketing Management
1. Introduction : Nature & Scope of marketing, importance of marketing, the marketing concept, selling v/s marketing concept, societal marketing concept, growth relevance of marketing in India. 2. Marketing Environment : Demographic, Economies, natural, technology, political, legal & socio-cultural environment : The Indian marketing Environment. 3. Buya Behaviour & Marketing Segmentation : Factors influencing Buyer behaviour, buying decision process, profile and features of Indian consumers, Market segmentation meaning, levels, basis of segmentation, concept of niche marketing. 4. Managing the Product : Product planning, product mix, deciding product policy, product lines decision, product differentiation, brand equity packaging, labelling, concept of PLC, NPD process. 5. Pricing : Factors influencing pricing, pricing objectives, methods of pricing, pricing procedure. 6. Marketing Channels, Logistics and Physical distribution : Types of channels, channel functions, selection of channels, logistics role & types, physical distribution, objectives and functional areas of physical distribution, physical distrib in Indian context. 7. Marketing Communication : Meaning and importance, communication objectives, effective communication, communication process. 8. Promotion Tools : Advertising-meaning, objectives, types of advertising decisions, planning and evaluation of campaign, trends in advertising in India, personal sellingobjectives, functions of and principles,...
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