Bittersweet: Vegetable Ice Cream

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Executive Summary

BitterSweet is a partnership type of business. It is a food-service type of business which is situated at the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. The store has a floor area of 15 x 30 feet. It carries the name “BitterSweet” to symbolize its product, low-fat, vegetable ice cream. “Bitter” for vegetables since most people perceive vegetables as bitter and the main offering of the store is the ampalaya-flavored ice cream which may seem interesting since the said vegetable has a bitter taste, and “Sweet” for the taste of ice cream.

. BitterSweet ice cream is made especially to promote a fulfilling yet a healthy life. It is a nutritious product since its main flavouring ingredient is vegetable and since it uses low-fat constituents. It also contains soy milk which contributes to its health benefits. It can be beneficial to the consumers because they can now enjoy the pleasure of eating dessert without any worries about their health and figure, especially those who observe strict diet.

Summary of findings

* Market Feasibility
BitterSweet is marketable to people of all ages. Since children crave for sweet food, it will be positively appealing to them. Even though the product is flavoured with vegetables, it will still be pleasing to their taste buds since the product is made to taste more like the normal ice cream. It will also be marketable to adults who want refreshments from their long walks and shopping. The vegetable ice cream will delight especially those health-conscious ones and those on a diet since the product is purposely formulated to be low-fat.

* Technical Feasibility
BitterSweet offers five flavors of vegetable ice cream namely; carrot-cheese, choco-monggo, caramel-corn, cinnamon-squash and vanilla-ampalaya. Established recipes are provided for each ice cream flavor. Production schedule and production costs are shown. Raw materials, utilities, and labor requirements are available since suppliers are existing and accessible.

* Management Feasibility
The business is in the form of a general partnership composing of four members. It shows the capital contributions of each partner, organizational chart, internal policies, and compensation and benefits.

* Financial Feasibility
The four partners will contribute P350, 000 each, with one capitalist-industrial partner who will act as the manager. Financial Statement is projected for ten years such as Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Financial Performance, Statement of Cash Flows, Statement of Changes in Equity and Notes to Financial Statements.

* Social Aspect
BitterSweet complies with the different requirements of government agencies. It provides good service to its customers. It also creates job opportunities for some who are unemployed. BitterSweet is an environment-friendly business since it uses paper cups and paper bags and other biodegradable materials.

* Environmental Aspect
BitterSweet is in compliance with different environmental concerns. It ensures that the environment will not be sacrificed for its purposes. Proper wastes management will be implemented and at the same time, will help its industry partners to have a win-win situation since it will offer them biodegradable wastes but can still be used as a fertilizer.

Project Background and History

Project Promoters
The following names listed hereafter are the project promoters of BITTERSWEET. Names| Address|
Katrina Marielle N. Depalobos| Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City| Charles Lemuel D. Dumantay| Bagumbong, Caloocan City|
Jhoane Dominique A. Pacaldo| 10th Avenue, Caloocan City|
Rellie H. Sernero| Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, Cavite|

Ice cream is a frozen dessert usually made from products, such as milk and cream, and often combined with fruits or other ingredients and flavors. Most varieties contain sugar, although some are made with other sweeteners.In some cases,...
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