Bitter Strawberries Essay

Topics: Emotion, Stanza, Life Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: November 24, 2012
In life we must savor the sweet and endure the bitter challenges, when it comes to accommodating to a perilous situation. An ongoing war on terror is exacting a heavy emotional toll on families and other individuals that are in danger due to being surrounded by an atrocious environment that involves war. The life of apprehensive individuals has never been an easy one to live, with frequent upheavals of the individual’s and very little sense of control over their lives. Perpetually living around brutality, destruction, and violence links individual’s into obtaining bundles of emotions to a certain extent.From a psychoanalytic point-of-view, war affects society in a way that is painful; the war engenders a deep effect on other individual’s lives as well as their perceptions and obtained views from the devastating experience of the surrounded environment fulfilled with hatred, mischievousness, and depravity. As war increases in brutality to a certain extent, society’s aspects are intensely affected;this issue can result in the destroying of land, culture, and other tangible aspects. A poem, “Bitter Strawberries”, written by Sylvia Plath, is a sardonic way of describing a war that have occurred in Russia. While this piece offers little insight into human nature, it portrays some solid images, even though disconnected and often jarring. “All morning in the strawberry field”: the speaker sets the scene by distinguishing herself and one or more companions from the women who are talking “about the Russians.”; one particular word that stood out the most within the first two lines was “the Russians.” This specific clue can enhance an individual’s interpretation and observation of the hidden message within the poem. In history Russia was known for its dangerous, malicious war and obtaining the characteristic of being destructive of society, so this particular clue could be conveyed within the message as of being the poem’s topic of an atrocious war occurring that is...
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