Bitstream Case Analysis

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LM5 Case Application: Bitstream Team Exercise

Q1) What are the key criteria for filling this job?
A1) There are two key sets of criteria for filling this job: The first set is competency based (Dressler pg. 69) - the “knowledge, skills and/or behaviors” that are required for this position. This set of criteria is as follows: · Solid business management, resource management and leadership experience/skills (includes Sales, Marketing, working with budgets and prioritizing expenses, staff management and development). · Knowledge of VAR Sales channel, OEM Sales process, Networking products preferred. · Good negotiation skills.

· Innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, problem solver, decision maker, convincing (strong sales background). · Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills. · Recruitment, training and development of staff and teams. · Experience with startup or business development, growth, etc. · Strategic planning and demonstrated ability to develop vision, goals, and applicable measures for a team The second set is based around the CEO desire to find someone who matches his and the firm’s management style and beliefs. These criteria fall into the Five Factor Model-FFM (Barrick, Mount and Judge). Jim Sole states that he believes that to make a good hire you need to “understand what makes the person tick”, “to get the right brain in the right job” and “understand someone as well as a good psychologist would”. The right candidate would need to fit within the organization and with the management team. CEO Sole lists some criteria that fold neatly into the FFM- · “intellectual curiosity” and “look for fresh challenges”- Openness · “not going to get involved in the details of their jobs” and “drive to build an organization”- Conscientiousness · “energy, enthusiasm”- Extraversion

· “they are all in the same boat and they are dependent on others” and “develop a process that would ensure that people worked together”-Agreeableness · “you cannot have personal acrimony”- Neuroticism

Q2) Describe your method by which you will evaluate these candidates closer. That is, will you test them? Interview them? Administer some assessment on site or online? Please give details of your plan. If interviewing, which factors do you wish to explore in an interview, and how would you accomplish this? Please give a sample of most important questions you plan to ask. A2) The primary method by which we will evaluate these candidates is through structured interviews. Secondary methods would include background investigations, reference checks (in addition to the agency performed checks) a personality test and unstructured interviews with several or all of the VP’s on the management team. We think the structured interview will allow us to effectively evaluate the candidates by incorporating questions that are situational, behavioral and job knowledge related. The benefits to using the structured interview include high validity and reliability, enhanced objectivity and equal opportunity, accuracy and prediction and a greater legal defensibility. From a validity perspective, structured interviews were one of the top ranked methods in the Ryan and Tippins article at .51, showing that there is a high correlation to job performance. The plan includes creating a set of structured interview questions that would allow us to evaluate the job criteria we have defined. Below are some of the important questions that we would administer and evaluate. A rating scale for the structured interview process will be used to assist us with evaluating the responses from each candidate and measuring them on a scale of 1-5 as they pertain to the respective criteria. Given the level of this position, we have opted for a one-on-one structured interview with Jim first. After the completion of these interviews, Jim would complete the evaluation using the...
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