Bishop Desmond Tutu

Topics: Nonviolent resistance, Nelson Mandela, South Africa Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Bishop Desmond TuTu
Bishop Desmond TuTu

By Alyssa Ducasse
May 30, 2011
Period 3
Leaders often come to power or prominence because the country has problems and the leaders are proposing solution to those problems. There have been many complications in certain countries and the leaders play a significant role in either fixing the problems or making them worse. Bishop Desmond Tutu was born in 1931 in Klerksdorp, Transvaal. He is a South African activist and Christian cleric who began famous in the 1980s as an opponent of apartheid. He has taken part in the defense of human rights.

Apartheid is a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race. The apartheid in South Africa was a system of legal racial segregation enforced by the National Party government of South Africa between 1948 and 1994, under which the rights of the majority 'non-white' inhabitants of South Africa were curtailed and minority rule by white people was maintained. “Race laws touched every aspect of social life, including a prohibition of marriage between non-whites and whites, and the sanctioning of ``white-only'' jobs. In 1950, the Population Registration Act required that all South Africans be racially classified into one of three categories: white, black (African), or colored (of mixed decent). The colored category included major subgroups of Indians and Asians. Classification into these categories was based on appearance, social acceptance, and descent” (John Dougard). The apartheid affected Africa because the races were separated. It caused South Africa’s ecology to be ruined by the racism. The Apartheid also caused South Africa to be in the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, and means of support. It also dehumanized colored people, or anybody who isn’t Caucasian.

Bishop Desmond Tutu proposed many solutions to solve the problem of the Apartheid in South Africa. “Desmond Tutu formulated his objectives for a democratic and...
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