Bisclavaret Is Not the Monster!

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Bisclavaret is Not the Monster!
In the story of “The Lay of the Were-Wolf”, Bisclavaret is accused of being a monster. He does in fact turn into a were-wolf, but there are many factors in which his ex-wife was the true monster. Bisclaveret had never hurt anyone. He would escape to the thickest woods when he became the beast so he wouldn’t have any contact with humans. His wife was the one who betrayed him by running off to get married to a knight and tell him all of Bisclavaret’s secrets. She had the knight turn Bisclavaret into a beast forever. Bisclavaret loved his wife more than anything. You can tell he really cares for he when he says, "Wife, ask what you will. What would you have, for it is yours already?" He just wants her to be happy. Bisclavaret told his wife all of his secrets. He trusted her with his own life, telling her exactly how he would have to stay a were-wolf forever. Seeing as Bisclavaret was a very honest person, it would be hard to accuse him as a monster. Whatever his wife would ask, he would tell her no matter what it was. Also, when he was taken in by the king, Bisclavaret was constantly around people. If he were a true monster, he would have taken advantage of this opportunity to devour them all. Instead he only took out his revenge of the true evil which was his ex-wife and her new knight who both put him in this horrible situation.
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