Bis 210 Job Fair

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Amber Stokes
February 3, 2013
University of Phoenix
Job Fair Brochure
Robert Shereda

That Other Pawn
Throughout this paper we will discuss the structure business model; justification will be explained for why the elements were selected and an explanation for each element which could impact the particular business.

A business model is like many other models in the sense that it summarizes and expresses how business conduct business as a whole. The business module expresses the nature within the business and how money is made According to Business Model Designs and Innovation, (2005) “Without having to share the company’s complexities and strategies, processes, units, rules, hierarchies, workflows and systems” (pg.1) An example for this, the company in which I have chosen is The Other Pawn. The company makes money by buying storage units and consumer goods to resell and make a profit at a reasonable price. The fundamental nature of the pawn shop is encouragement within the community to circulate and restore antiques and heirlooms which they have no use for by offering leisure items or cash to the customer. The business model which I chose is the contingency approach implicating the theory which According to Jones (2007) “The implication of contingency theory is that there is no “one best way” to design a company-design reflects each company’s specific situation at a certain point in time.” (p.242). Using the matrix structure one can implement structure within simultaneously by function and product. Employees will be able to learn from one another and become skilled in all departments which will allow productivity within the departments. To ensure flexibility within there will be a facilitator to ensure that goods are at hand and appeal to our customers. Some advantages to this structure are new product development, communication, cooperation, innovation and creativity which in turn will allow the company to have separate departments...
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