Birthday in China and Canada

Topics: Birthday, Calendar, Luck Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: July 7, 2012
Birthday in China and Canada
If there is only one day you should remember in your life, it will be your birthday. Birthday is important for people in most countries; they celebrate the birthday every year. However, there is much difference between countries in birthday. Such as China and Canada, they are difference in birthday dates, celebrating ways, and traditional meanings. One of the most obvious differences between China and Canada is their birthday dates. In China, most Chinese people could have two birthdays. One is depends on lunar calendar, another one is depends on solar calendar. The lunar birthday’s date is not match the solar calendar date every year because lunar calendar is according to the cycle of the moon. In addition, Chinese people have the horoscope like animal year which is 12 years one circle, and when people is 12 years old and the times of 12, they are wearing red clothes for good luck. When people becoming 18 years old, they becoming adult, then they are allowed to drink alcohol, get driving license. In contrast, Canadian people’s birthday depends on solar calendar. They have horoscope like Aries, Aquarius, and Cancer, which they according to calculate people’s character, and forecast future’s luckiness, but it has no special meaning for birthday. There is a saying about in Canada there is also 18 years old becoming adult, and they can get driving license, but people have to becoming 19 years old to be allowed drink alcohol. Another difference is the celebrating ways. In China, children and elder people’s birthday are as more important. In the past, at children’s birthday, their parents are going to boil a colored red egg; it means good luck for next whole year. The birthday child pays respect to his or her parents and receives a gift of money. Friends and relatives are invited to lunch and noodles are served to wish the birthday child a long life. For elder people’s birthday, their son and daughter are going to give a special peach...
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