Topics: Hezbollah, Dan Quayle, Figure skating Pages: 2 (696 words) Published: May 9, 2013
February 22nd 1992 was not only remarkable because of the birth of yours truly, but it was also memorable for the New York Times front page news stories that sparked a lot of interest worldwide, the major sporting event of the winter Olympics that changed a lot of people’s views on both figure skating and hockey, and finally the price and model of the new car of the century the SAAB 9000S. I hope to inform my audience well enough that I won’t need to tell anyone when my birthday is ever again they will already be well aware. First of all the front page of the New York Times had some very fascinating stories such as Israeli Army Ending 24-hour Incursion in South Lebanon in which Sheik Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, spiritual mentor of the pro-Iranian Party of God, said in a sermon today that “Muslim fighters had resorted to firing missiles into Israel only after Shiite villages had come under heavy artillery bombardment from Israeli troops and their militia ally, the South Lebanon Army.” He also said “members of the Party of God should stop using the weapons if the shelling of villages in southern Lebanon stopped.” In an effort to promote peace Mr. Berri made sure that all fighters would avoid setting up their artillery encampments in southern Lebanon and that they would not carry arms in areas where the Lebanese Army and the United Nations peacekeepers were deployed. Another intriguing story from the front page was Conservatives Get Warning by Quayle to Stand by Bush. This article talked about how the White House dispatched Vice President Dan Quayle to warn Republican conservatives that if they labor against President Bush they "risk being out of power for a generation." The final story I want to mention from the front page of the New York Times is Head of Endowment for the Arts Is Forced from His Post by Bush talked about how Patrick J. Buchanan, the President's conservative challenger, would make an issue of Mr. Bush's support of the arts endowment as he...
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