Birth of a Child: Rite of Passage

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  • Published : November 7, 2010
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One rite of passage is the birth of a new born child. This can lead to several challenges for either a single parent or two, because a new born can turn a family around drastically. One challenge that the guardian or parents can face is financial problems. When the child is born there are medical costs that need attending. Medical considerations include all prenatal care, testing, labor and delivery, hospital stays, and any special treatments that arise during a birth. New parents need to plan their expenses accordingly by talking with their medical insurance provider. Another financial problem that can provide potential stress is supplying the new born with necessities. These necessities can include diapers, feeding costs, and clothing. Many families choose to use disposable diapers for the reliability and convenience. Disposable diapers cost a lot and will be an ongoing expense for two years or more of the baby’s life. Moreover, the larger the diaper size, the less diapers you will get for the same high price. Some mothers are unable to breastfeed there child so they rely on formula as a substitute. As the child increases their intake, more formula will be needed. As the baby grows, they will advance to baby foods, juices, and snacks. Babies tend to grow exceptionally quick so they would need to be provided new clothing constantly. The financial situation becomes worse if it is a single parent taking care of the child. The costs of buying a child’s necessities may be small at first, however, the price adds up in the long run. A new parent(s) will start to experience a change in their social and independent life. This can be a challenge because they would have to adjust themselves. For example, teen parents usually struggle trying to balance their social life while taking care of a child. Teens are used to going out with friends and spending tremendous amounts of money. Once a child is born their social life is completely diminished. A...
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