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Topics: Earthquake, La Paz, Family Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: April 30, 2013
I wonder why I Wonder
I was born the 9th of August, 1994. I’ve always wondered if my premature birth had anything to do with my mother’s stress before I was born. Could it have been the earthquake? Could have it been the stress of having to wait a child for 13 years? Could it have been caused by the argument that my mother had with my aunt?

The 1994 Bolivia earthquake occurred on June, 9. The epicenter (center) of the earthquake happened 200 miles from La Paz, Bolivia. It was one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded with a focal depth greater than 300km. It shook the ground from Argentina to Canada. My mother told me that when this event happened, she was watching TV. All of the sudden the earth shook with great power. Books fell off cabinets, making the water jump. She immediately took cover in her room’s closet. She said it was short earthquake, but it seemed like an eternity. The earthquake itself lasted less than a minute. After this traumatic event, she felt a pain.

My father immediately came from work to check on my mother’s health. He noticed something was wrong, he decided to take my mother to the hospital. She went into the emergency room thinking something bad had happened to me.

“What Happened?” the doctor said curiously.
“I was watching TV, then all of the sudden the earth started shaking. I went to the closet for protection and I felt panic” she said agitated.
My mom waited 13 long years for me to arrive. On the first year she couldn’t get pregnant so she waited. When you wait you have a feeling of insecurity and you feel unsure of what will happen. Year after year, waiting seemed like an eternity. Both of my parents lost confidence in having a baby. I wonder what my parent’s reactions were to this.

Four years before I was born my aunt had a baby who is now my cousin “Leandro”. My mom and my aunt had always wanted a baby boy. My aunt was going to name my cousin “Raul”. This caused an argument between them. My mother was in...
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