Birth Control Without Parental Permission

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  • Topic: Pregnancy, Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior
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  • Published : June 22, 2008
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Birth control is an issue that has puzzled our morality for years. When younger adults, teenagers begin to use it, it becomes an even larger controversy. Through this our human nature must comprehend the problem, act upon it, and therefore take a stand that might occasionally conflict with our personal beliefs. Yet, birth control continues to strive during a period where people of the world neglect to analyze there own actions and accepting the fact that personal dealings seem to reflect their true inner beliefs. When asked, one adult and mother of three said,” I believe it is wonderful that teens can take responsibility and protect themselves, it’s the 21st century and if people can’t take that in then they need a reality check. Why wait until your daughter turns up pregnant to then think about what you could have done to help prevent it”. Teenagers are going to have sex whether or not it's appropriate or acceptable for them to do so. Then, the most we can hope for is that they have safe protected sex to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. If we put barriers in the way of teenagers such as parental consent for birth control then they will simply take greater risks, rather than stop having sex. Teens in a variety of circumstances would be affected if required to obtain parental consent for contraception. A minor who buys condoms at a pharmacy could be turned away without parental consent, causing him or her to have unprotected sex without thinking of the consequences. If a minor is fearful about discussing contraception with a parent, there is no difference between ‘telling’ the parent and getting parental permission. Parental contact requirements discourage teens from seeking contraception, even though they may already be sexually active. Confidentiality can be a determining factor for teens deciding whether or not to seek contraceptive protection. Approached by this topic, a high school student although not sexually active...
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